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Map Of Mural Locations

Map of Downtown Forest
Mural: Basket Factory
Artist: Bill Foster
Location: Forest Florist – South side of 1 Victoria Street
Mural: Town of Forest Collage
Artist: Jorrie Kirby
Location: Forest Florist – North side of 1 Victoria Street
Mural: Forest Excelsior Band
Artist: Bill Foster
Location: Corkers Wine Cellar – George St side of building
Mural: Forest Railway & Library
Artist: Jorrie Kirby
Location: Forest Library – 61 King Street
Mural: Heritage Sites
Artist: Bill Foster
Location: Melo – east side 40 King Street
Mural: Forest Fall Fair
Artist: Bill Foster
Location: Ravell’s Insurance – West side 34 King Street
Mural: Soul Mates
Artist: Jeffrey (Red) George
Location: Java Scoops – 45 King Street
Mural: If They Could See Me Now
Artist: Brian Normandeau
Location: Alley way at 29 King Street
Mural: A Prayer for the People
Artist: Jeffrey (Red) George
Location: Alley way at 29 King Street
Mural: Then and Now
Artist: Brian Normandeau
Location: Aaron Lucas Home Design – 12 King Street
Mural: Forest Home Bakery
Artist: Rick Jones
Location: Forest Lambton Museum – 8 Main Street N

1. Basket Factory

Bill Foster

Forest Florist – South side of 1 Victoria Street

Basket Factory Mural

2. Town of Forest Collage

Jorrie Kirby

Forest Florist – North side of 1 Victoria Street

Collage Mural

3. Forest Excelsior Band

Bill Foster

Corkers Wine Cellar – George St side of building

Band Mural

4. Forest Railway & Library

Jorrie Kirby

Forest Library – 61 King Street

Railway Mural

5. Heritage Sites

Bill Foster

Melo – East side 40 King Street

Heritage Sites Mural

6. Forest Fall Fair

Bill Foster

Ravell’s Insurance – West side 34 King Street

Fall Fair Mural

7. Soul Mates

Jeffrey (Red) George

Java Scoops – 45 King Street

Soulmates Mural

8. If They Could See Me Now

Brian Normandeau

Alley way at 29 King Street

Kineto Theatre Mural

10. Then and Now

Brian Normandeau

Aaron Lucas Home Design – 12 King Street

Then and Now Mural

11. Forest Home Bakery

Rick Jones

Forest Lambton Museum – 8 Main Street N

Bakery Mural

About the Artists

Bill Foster

Bill Foster

Owner of Studio Foster
Address: 731 Old Hunt Rd., London, ON N6H 4K7
Phone: 519-641-8304
Email: [email protected]
Fine Art Website:
Advertising Website:

Education: Post-secondary graduate of H.B. Beal, Special Art Program, two years. Studied: life drawing, lithography, etching, photography, animation, graphic art, ceramics and fiber art. Studied under Fred McLaren, alumni of Chicago’s American Academy of Art, four years. Life drawing, portraiture, and landscape painting. Graduate of Fanshawe College, Advertising Art, three years. Studied: layout, graphic design, photography, branding, mechanical art, estimating for printing, illustration, copy writing, package design, marketing, and print production.

Achievements: I have been permitted the maximum number of works accepted in juried competition and have sold works at Paint Ontario, located at the Lambton Heritage Museum. My artwork has also been hung at The St. Thomas-Elgin Public Art Centre, The Fringe Gallery in Hyde Park, Elizabeth’s Art Gallery in Goderich, and Gallery 609 in London, Sunset Arts Gallery in Grand Bend, Westland Gallery in Wortley Village in London, the Grand Bend Beach House in Grand Bend. I have sold my work to businesses and private collectors. I have created work to promote charity events such as the MS Society of Canada and The Arthritis Society.

Career: I have worked my entire career in the advertising industry, beginning as a graphic designer and working my way up to creative director, entrusted with developing national campaigns. I am now returning to my first love of painting. Over the past few years, I have built my portfolio of original work to the point that I am ready to enter the arena, having completed what I feel to be meaningful art. I have always had a great interest in the natural world and spent a good deal of my time sketching and photographing in wilderness settings, off the beaten path. I’m passionate about art and always have ideas in mind for new work. I’m excited to learn, create, and evolve my passion for painting.

Craftsmanship: I enjoy custom-making my own wood panels for my oil paintings. This process allows me to create a superior and more precise product than what is generally available. The finished panel is very precise and durable while remaining lightweight. I also manage and print my own Giclée prints.

Techniques: Many of my recent works are paintings in oil on panels. I also often do pencil sketches, pen & brush, and watercolour paintings. Inspiration: I am inspired by what can be found in the hidden corners of a garden, the husk of an old farm truck, or a snowy owl’s refuge. I allow the pigment, the panel, and the brush the freedom to determine the outcome of what my senses encounter. I paint to present my vision while discovering the medium.

Thank you for your interest.
Bill Foster

Jorrie Kirby

Jorrie Kirby

I am a 27-year-old self-taught artist. I have been artistic from an extremely young age and discovered art as my true passion in high school where I was awarded a scholarship and received art awards. I have consistently been commissioning personal smaller paintings capturing special moments since then. Each commission has helped me to build a portfolio and I have been blessed to always have an artistic project on the go. I have done 3 murals prior to this and have designed a few. I have done a few art shows and have been working on building my artistic career from different commissions leading to different projects and opportunities.

I grew up in the town of Forest, so having a few murals go up in my hometown will be exciting! I absolutely love creating pieces for the public eye. I specialize in realism paintings and enjoy achieving details in my own style that many people may have missed. I was trying to paint different buildings and scenes that I had grown up surrounded with, along with highlighting some of the significant history in Forest.

Jeffrey George

Jeffrey (Red) George

Email: [email protected]

(Ma-Mi-No-ga-boo) is an Ojibway artist from Kettle and Stoney Point First Nation, situated along the shores of Lake Huron, in Ontario, Canada.

Born in 1980, Jeff grew up with a love of art, drawing his inspiration from Nature – a passion shared with many First Nations artists. “My work reflects my culture – its blessings along with its inner pains and suffering. My journey through life has led me to my native culture and traditions and the place where I am honoured to share my heart and soul through my artistic gift.”

Jeffrey is an internationally-renowned artist whose work hangs in many private homes and public galleries throughout North America and the world.

Brian Normandeau

Brian Normandeau (BriN.)

Email: [email protected]

London-based artist Brian Normandeau paints for aesthetic reasons that reflect today’s society. However, his work is not dictated by style but by the colours, textures and processes required to capture his vision, even from the most mundane subjects. He takes his inspiration from family, life, and nature, bringing his views to life in an emotional and thought-provoking way.

Brian shares his excitement for what he sees and experiences through painting. He approaches painting as a means of challenging and motivating himself to interpret what he sees and what he can do. It is about searching for something that inspires him and then challenges him to create and share it.

Rick Jones

Rick Jones

Paintings: The Stock Yards Circa 1966 and The old Forest Bake Shop

Rick has lived in the Forest area his entire life. His family had a small livestock trucking business where he worked. During the 1980’s he started a sign company (Jones Signs) and people became familiar with his beautiful artwork. Rick is a self-taught artist and paints pictorials on signs, canvas and murals. Rick particularly enjoys painting farm scenes and old buildings.