The Shores Recreation Complex

The Forest Memorial Community Centre has been an important part of the overall recreational and social life in our community for over 60 years. The facility has served as a central recreational facility and has been a key component of the history and quality of life of the area. Whatever part of Lambton Shores or surrounding area you may be from, you will likely have a close connection to the centre.

All across Canada, cities and towns are building new facilities to enhance the quality of community life. These complexes are prime catalysts for community growth, community activity and community pride. Opportunities for physical activity improve our overall well-being and enhance the health of our communities. The Conference Board of Canada estimates effects of inactive living costs the health care system $2.1 to $5.3 billion every year. For these reasons Lambton Shores has identified the replacement of the arena in Forest as one of its highest priorities.

This important connection within our community will continue long into the future. There has been a renewed interest in recreation across the nation and this is no less so in our community. However, recreational needs have evolved and this has put tremendous strain on these old facilities. Like most buildings this old, time has taken its toll on the arena. It simply cannot meet the demands of our modern world. It has become obvious that it is now necessary to retire the old facility and bring in a new one.

In recognition of this reality, our community has a new recreation facility – the Lambton Shores Recreation Centre, “The Shores”. The new complex provides for a variety of needs and will be an integral part of sports and recreation in our area. A modern, well-equipped community complex provides a venue for a wide range of activities such as hockey, ringette, figures skating, basketball, volleyball, badminton, fitness activities, meetings and entertainment events. Most important of all, the Shores meets the needs of future generations as they continue the tradition of healthy living and playing together.