Esli Dodge Conversation Area

Since 1994 audiences have been thrilled by the many different events which have been presented at the Forest Amphitheatre. These have included the regular Canada Day extravaganzas as well as “Anne of Green Gables,” “Oliver”, “Nunsense”, and of course, the 11 year run of “The Promise,” which was enjoyed by over 50,000 people.

This huge hillside, which can comfortably seat over 6,000 people, is set apart from many other outdoor theatres by its superb acoustics and sound system which allow every person in the audience to hear perfectly without straining.

Because of the size of the amphitheatre, every guest has a different view of the stage, the island and the events that take place on the hillside itself; however, each place on the hillside is a good seat. Visitors must bring their own lawn chairs. As evenings may be cool, even in August, consider bringing warm Clothing.

The Conservation Area is part of St. Clair Region Conservation Authority. There is a man made lake but no swimming. Store & Golf are nearby. 20 acres, play area, shelter, pets allowed, picnic tables.


The Forest Amphitheatre is located at the Esli Dodge Conservation Area, just off Hwy 21, on the South Side of Forest. When coming off Hwy 402 take exit 34 north (The Forest Road).